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Since prehistoric times humankind has sought visual symbols to communicate their ideals. Whether hunting skills, patterns, appreciation of the human form, or recognition of their leaders, these are still evident and incorporated as public art within our contemporary lifestyle.

Heidi Lippman is trained as a painter, sculptor and craftswoman and the scope of working in the public realm focus’ her skills. Lippman's monumental projects utilize mosaic, terrazzo, rooftop installations and enhanced glass walls. The intent is to bridge a gap between architecture, art and the public through a stunning, expressive symbolism directly culled from each sites unique topology.  Architectural cues drive the choice of media, realized in the highest caliber craftsmanship with up to date technology.  Lippman's approach stresses the notion that “The challenges inherent in a collaborative process are the forces by which the promise of unique, timeless and exciting work is forged.”

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